Temple Of Rarities

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Front cover featuring Patricia Morrison and Andrew Eldritch

This is the first of two bootleg CDs with alternative versions and remixes of songs,

see also Temple Of Rarities - Vol 2

All tracks presented on Temple Of Rarities were released earlier on various official

promos, CDs, EPs and singles.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Catalogue#: SOM TR98
  • Format: CD
  • Release date: 1998


  • Total Duration: 57:56 min.
  • The CD cover lists Ozymandias wrongly as "Ozymandis"

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Temple Of Rarities

Track List

Track Duration          Variety Source
  1.   More     10:51   Power Mix   German Promo CD
  2.   Under The Gun      4:02   DJ Edit   US Promo CD
  3.   Vision Thing      7:32   Canadian Club Remix Temple Of Love (1992) CD
  4.   Blood Money      3:07   UK unreleased B-Side Tour Thing 91 US Tour Promo CD
  5.   Dominion      5:06   Short Version Dominion 3" CD Single
  6.   I Was Wrong      3:12   Short Version   US Promo CD
  7.   Some Kind Of Stranger              7:20   remastered   remastered First And Last And Always CD
  8.   This Corrosion      4:24   7" Version This Corrosion 3" CD Single
  9.   Lucretia, My Reflection      9:39   Extended Single Version        Lucretia, My Reflection 3" CD Single
10.   Detonation Boulevard      3:49   Remix   US Promo CD
11.   Ozymandias      4:19   7" Single Version Dominion 3" CD Single
12.   More      4:24   Groove Mix   German Promo CD

Temple Of Rarities - CD Inlay
Back Cover
Temple Of Rarities - CD Disc