Trip The Light Fantastic (London)

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Trip The Light Fantastic 2000 - Cover (front) with ticket
Trip The Light Fantastic 2000 - Cover (back)

Double-CD live-bootleg of The Sisters' gig on

September 6th, 2000 at the Forum in London.

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Release Notes

  • Label: Dusta Disc
  • Catalogue#:061/062
  • Format: 2CD
  • Released: 2000

Trip The Light Fantastic - Discs

Track Lists

Disc One

  1. First And Last And Always
  2. Train / Detonation Boulevard
  3. Ribbons
  4. Crash And Burn
  5. Summer
  6. Amphetamine Logic
  7. Giving Ground
  8. Will I Dream?
  9. Temple Of Love
  10. On The Wire
  11. We Are The Same, Susanne
  12. Dominion/Mother Russia

Disc Two

  1. Romeo Down
  2. War On Drugs
  3. This Corrosion
  4. Something Fast
  5. Flood II
  6. Snub Nose
  7. Vision Thing

Additional Pictures

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Trip The Light Fantastic - Front inlay (complete)