Tue, 05-Sep-2000

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Flyer announcing the London gigs of the tour
Tour Logo 2000

The Forum, London, UK

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Trip The Light Fantastic Tour in 2000

and the first of two sequent London gigs during that tour.

Support act: Sona Fariq.

For reviews and more see SistersTours/2000/09/05, Forum, London, UK.

At least one audience audio recording and an amateur film of this show

exist and are in circulation among the fanbase, see Trip The Light and Live At The Forum (video).

More recently, the below full show video has been made available @YouTube.

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The Sisters of Mercy @The Forum, London, UK, 05 September 2000
Full show   -   with many thanks to sisterstekland for the upload

First Encore

Second Encore