Tue, 11-May-1982

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Embassy Club, London, England

Apparently, this was the first concert ever, The Sisters of Mercy performed in the UK-capital of London.

According to the Ultimatesistersguide, other bands at the event included V.O.C.

This concert is listed in the official Sisters Gigography,

but so far this is all we got to know of it. A recording from the gig does not exist.

About the club in general John Taylor from Duran Duran wrote in the band's online fanzine DURANASTY:

London 1982 — and the place I most frequently went for after-hours amusement was the Embassy Club on New Bond Street,
owned and run by an ex-guardsman, Stephen Hayter, with whom my running-mate Rob Hallett and I got along with well.
The Embassy has a place in London’s club folklore for a number of reasons, among them the fact that for several years,
Motorhead’s Lemmy was welded to the Space Invaders machine to the left of the main bar. It was like an art installation;
just add amphetamines. And it was understood that no one should attempt to interrupt him; he had far too many scary tattoos,
and his interest in the Third Reich was well documented. I never saw him buy a drink or use the bathroom. He was an ironman
on that machine.

Any information about The Sisters of Mercy's performance at this venue should be very welcome.



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