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Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The final European show of the Sisters 2017 Tour.

Opening act: The Membranes.

The Sisters of Mercy - Temple Of Love feat. Lisa Cuthbert @Paradiso 2017

Like in Dresden and Stuttgart, Lisa Cuthbert joined The Sisters on stage

for the final encores of this brilliant September Tour.

First reviews are around here @The Heartland Forums.

The concert was recorded from the audience and is in circulation among the fanbase,

see also Live In Amsterdam 27-09-2017.

Band / Line-up

The Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons live @Paradiso, Amsterdam 2017


   Main Set

   ●  More

   ●  Ribbons

   ●  Doctor Jeep - Detonation Boulevard

   ●  Crash And Burn

The Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away - Paradiso, Amsterdam 2017

   ●  No Time To Cry

   ●  Walk Away

   ●  Body And Soul

   ●  Marian

   ●  Alice

   ●  Arms

   ●  Lucretia, My Reflection

   ●  Summer

   ●  First And Last And Always

   ●  Rumble - instrumental cover original by Link Wray and his Ray Men

   ●  Flood II

The Sisters of Mercy - Alice live @Paradiso, Amsterdam 2017

   Encores - feat. Lisa Cuthbert
   ●  Something Fast

   ●  That's When I Reach For My Revolver - cover from Mission of Burma

   ●  Dominion / Mother Russia

   ●  Temple Of Love

   ●  This Corrosion

   Our thanks go to all the original uploaders of the cool videos here.
   Check their channels on YouTube and you will definitely find more great treasures...

Additional Videos

The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection - Amsterdam 2017
Something Fast - Amsterdam 2017 - feat. Lisa Cuthbert
Dominion - Amsterdam 2017 - feat. Lisa Cuthbert
This Corrosion - Amsterdam 2017 - feat. Lisa Cuthbert
Temple Of Love - Amsterdam 2017 - feat. Lisa Cuthbert