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One of the rarer 12" vinyl bootlegs featuring an incomplete recording of The Sisters of Mercy's famous final 1980ies gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

Blood Money - First Edition Cover (front)
Blood Money - First Edition (back)
Blood Money - Japanese cover (front)

The album was released in two different versions - a first edition with a fully printed, glossy cover that has a quite professional appearance; and a later issue coming in a white generic cover with a black/white A4-xerox glued to it. The latter one has a text printed in Japanese characters in the lower left corner of the cover front and is therefore commonly known as "the Japanese Cover". It is also the more sought-after album of the two as it is much rarer. Nowadays, the "Japanese" cover version can achive high prices in online auctions reaching into the hundreds of Euros. More recently, a "Blood Money" copy appeared with the original cover motive printed in full black on sheets glued to some generic cover, see the pictures down below (scroll).

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Catalogue#: S.O.M. 666
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
SACEM logo as on the labels
  • Released: 1985 / 1987
According to the Reverberation Across The Nation booklet, the album was released in 1985 long before
the official Wake video and subsequent unofficial releases. Other authors name 1987 as the release date.
  • Place of release: England / France
The Reverberation booklet states that this bootleg is an English product, while the "Japanese issue" was a second release manufactured in France. Other authors maintain the Blood Money bootleg were entirely a French release. Their opinion might derive from the logo of SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) on the labels, (see the pictures on the left side) - a French professional association "collecting payments of artists’ rights and distributing the rights to the original songwriters, composers, and music publishers".

Blood Money - Vinyl (Side B)


  • Good sound quality
which is omitted in the official concert video Wake. It gives the songs in a completely mixed up order, though, and lacks
many important tracks from the gig, in particular First And Last And Always, Marian, No Time To Cry, Walk Away, Alice,
Gimme Shelter and Fix.
  • Both versions are pressed on black vinyl.
  • The track information on both covers and labels are full of mistakes.

Blood Money - Label (Side A)
Blood Money - Label (Side B)

The Labels

  • The labels of the two versions are identical and attempt to appear as an official French release.
  • Label notes: bootleg title, catalogue#, erroneous track list with wrong track times.
33 tours, SIDE I/II, Stéréo, SACEMlogo; and printed in a circle around the label border:


Blood Money - First (standard) Edition Cover (front)

The Standard Issue

  • The cover front of this more widely spread issue shows an almost format-wide "burning" red pentagramm
(in the style of old Western movies) on a darkbrown background surrounded by a traditional intarsia wood inlay.
The pentagramm is bounded by an inlaid circle of lighter wood giving the band name and the bootleg title in,
again, red capital letters.
  • The reverse of the cover, too, simulates a wooden surface and gives only the erroneous track list inside a framed rectangle of the same darkbrown colour as used on the cover front. At the bottom of the cover reverse is another such darkbrown rectangle with the recording details. All the information is printed in a golden brown colour.
A script typeface looking like a somewhat calligraphic handwriting is used for the information on the cover back,
except for the song titles.
  • The spine is blank and does not give any further information about this release.

Blood Money - The image used for the Japanese cover

The "Japanese"-cover Issue

  • The cover consits of a generic white sleeve with a black and white copied A4 sheet glued to it.
  • The image that was used for the cover art was used before on the famous Floorshow EP.
It was originally published with an ELEKTRA biography and information pack in 1985.
The photo itself is credited to Tom Sheehan 1985.
Blood Money -The Japanese text field
  • The bootleg title is not mentioned on this cover.
  • Cover notes beside the track list and the band's name are:
"STEREO" in the upper right corner and
a Japanese text field in the lower left corner.
  • The cover back is plain white.


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Blood Money
or popsike/bloodmoney or, alternatively, rootsvinylguide/Sisters of Mercy - Blood Money.

Track List

Real Titels   Writing on labels   Standard cover Japanese cover
A1  A Rock And A Hard Place   3'30 A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE     2'29     A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE A rock & a hard place
A2  Floorshow   3'52 FLOOR SHOW   2'15 FLOOR SHOW Floor show
A3  Knockin' On Heaven's Door   6'51 KNOCKIN ON   3'05 KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR     Knockin on heaven's door
A4  Train   2'39 GHOST TRAIN   2'08 Omitted Omitted
A5  Body And Soul   3'35 BODY AND SOUL   3'27 BODY AND SOUL Body & soul

B1  Possession   4'32 POSSESSION   2'46 POSSESSION Possession
B2  Emma   6'18 EMILY   3'43 EMILY Emily
B3  Amphetamine Logic   4'14 AMPHETAMINE LOGIC   2'36 AMPHETAMINE LOGIC Amphetamine logic
B4  Ghostrider    --- Omitted LOVIE LOVIE Omitted
B5  Louie Louie
Louie louie

Additional Pictures

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Blood Money
- Japanese cover version (overview)
ELEKTRA 1985 Biography Sheet - Side 1
ELEKTRA 1985 Biography Sheet - Side 2
ELEKTRA Biography and Information Pack 1985 - Andrew Eldritch Promo Photo

Blood Money cover apparently with b/w print glued to both sides

Blood Money Black Glued Cover Overview.jpg
Blood Money Black Glued Cover Back.jpg