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The Sisterhood - Gift - RTD re-release 12" vinyl LP cover (front)
The Sisterhood - Gift - Original 12" vinyl LP cover (front)

The one and only album by The Sisterhood. For the test pressing of the original LP see here.

Release Notes

  Label   Catalogue#   Released   Country   Format   Notes
  Merciful Release    SIS 020   28 July 1986     UK   12" vinyl LP
  Merciful Release   SIS 020C   28 July 1986   UK   Cassette
  Merciful Release   SIS 020   1 August 1989    UK   CD
  Merciful Release
  Rough Trade Records GmbH  
  SIS 020-LP,
  RTD 133.1684.1, RTD 1331.684.1 30  
  1993   Germany     12" vinyl LP     Official re-release
  Merciful Release
  Rough Trade Records GmbH
  SIS 020-CD,
  RTD 133-1684-2, RTD133.1684.2
  16 May 1994   Germany   CD   Official re-release  
 No label   SIS 020-CD   2009   Austria     CD   Unofficial re-release (bootleg)  

  • NOTE: More and more detailled information about all known releases of GIFT can be found @discogs here and here.

Gift - Austrian bootleg CD (overview)


  • Released in two official editions. The original artwork differs slightly, mostly inasfar as the print on the cover
    is smaller. The labels and the disc, respectively, look different as well, see the pictures down below.
    The tracks are the same for all releases. The original issue was released on vinyl, on CD and on cassette,
    while the re-release comprises versions on CD and vinyl only.
  • The back covers of the Rough Trade re-releases state:
    "Merciful Release is exclusively marketed and distributed by ROUGH TRADE RECORDS GmbH, Germany".
    Alan Vega is credited as "Alan Vela".
  • Since 2009, an Austrian bootleg CD-issue has been offered in online auctions as well.
    This one comes in a digipack with faked Merciful Release logo and catalogue number.
    The last track is noted wrongly as "Rain Form Heaven" instead of Rain From Heaven.
  • It is important to note that due to Eldritch's recording contract he could not sing on this album.
    See more about this fact here ...


 Title   Duration    Remarks
 A1  Jihad      8:16   The "Two-Five-Zero-Zero-Zero" bit of the track refers to the £25,000 advance payable by RCA  
  for one studio album for the year of 1986 from their original contract with The Sisters of Mercy.
 A2  Colours                                  8:02  
 B1  Giving Ground      7:30         This is none of the versions on the Giving Ground single but an extended remix.
 B2  Finland Red, Egypt White        8:16   The text of this song comes from an arms dealer's catalogue for the AK-47 rifle, while the title 
  cites the country code for blank cartridges.  
 B3  Rain From Heaven      6:43   Background vocals by The Chorus Of Vengeance

Cultural References

The final episode of BBC drama Spooks' seventh series references this album. The Russian code broadcast on a Cold War number station is " Finland Red Egypt White. It is twice blest. It is twice blest. Rain from Heaven". This code activates a Russian sleeper agent in Faversham, Kent to collect a hidden portable nuclear weapon to be taken to Grosvenor Square in London and detonated at 1500hrs. Also, while trying to get to London Bridge through an unused tube tunnel, Lucas says the sentence "What is lost can never be found"; a line from the "Giving Ground" track.

Gift - Austrian reissue CD (Digipack / 2009)

Band - Recording Personnel

The Chorus Of Vengeance

It is not 100% clear who exactly The Chorus Of Vengeance were.

For sure it consisted of some of the above mentioned ...

As to the involvement of Alan Vega in this album, Andrew Eldritch replied in an interview with The Quietus by Ben Graham of November 12th, 2011:

Alan Vega is credited on the sleeve of Gift, but what was his actual involvement with the record?

AE: Andrew went back to Vega's apartment with a DAT recorder, played him the tracks
and explained the scenario. Andrew has a permanent visa to Planet Vega, because the
two of them get on very well. Nobody else talks to Vega like Eldritch talks to Vega.

Additional Pictures

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12" LP Versions

Gift - Original 12" cover (back)
Gift - Original 12" label (Side One)
Gift - Original 12" label (Side Two)
Gift - RTD 12" reissue cover (back)
Gift - RTD 12" reissue label (Side One)
Gift - RTD 12" reissue label (Side Two)

CD Versions

Gift - Original CD cover (front)
Gift - Original CD cover (back)
Gift - Original CD (disc)
Gift - RTD reissue CD cover (front)
Gift - RTD reissue CD cover (back)
Gift - RTD reissue CD (disc)
Gift - Original CD (inlay)
Gift - Original CD (inlay)
Gift - Original CD Front Inlay (outside view)
Gift - RTD reissue CD (inlay)
Gift - RTD reissue CD (inlay)
Gift - RTD reissue (inlay & disc in tray)


Gift - Cassette (overview)
Gift - Cassette (inlay)
Gift - Cassette
Gift - Cassette (white variety)