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Kings & Queen - Cover (front)
Kings & Queen -
Detail from the main entrance of
Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral

A double LP bootleg of mixed content.

The first record includes the four songs performed at the Kid Jensen Show,
though not in the order of their recording. These songs were first broadcast
on 10 March 1983 and repeated on 11 April. The other songs on this record
were taken from the first official singles .

The second record features selected live tracks from two Sisters concerts
in Bremen - one in November 1984 and the other one in May 1985, plus the
two main songs from the first official single The Damage Done as openers.

Release Notes

  • Label: Western Sculpture Records Inc
  • Catalogue#: WSR 8884-5
  • Run-outs:
Record One - SOM A / SOM B
Record Two - SIS A / SIS B
  • Format: 2 Vinyl LP
  • Released: - unknown -


  • Allegedly a limited edition of 500 copies.
  • The bootleg comes on black vinyl, the labels of the records differ, however.
Most likely two plain white labels are standard. Editions with plain white labels on one record
and printed red or printed blue labels on the other record exist as well.
  • The band is named as "Sisters of Mercy", omitting the article.
The figures are considered to be (from left to right) Queen of Sheba, King David and King Solomon
- three characters of the Old Testament; two kings and one queen.
  • The content of the first record is identical to the bootleg Don Juan.
The content of the second record is identical to the bootleg I Can't Await To Meet My Deadly Friends.

Sources - Record One

Sources - Record Two

They appear in reversed order on the records, but not in the cover tracklists.
Burn and Ghostrider / Sister Ray were recorded live on 8 November 1984;
Logic, Fix / Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Gimme Shelter, Train and Emma were recorded live on 10 May 1985.

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Kings & Queen - Cover (back)

Track List

Record One
A1   Jolene B1   1969
A2   Heartland                                                              B2   Anaconda
A3   Burn B3   Phantom
A4   Valentine B4  Valentine
A5   Alice B5   Fix
A6   Floorshow B6   Kiss (The Carpet)
A7   Phantom

Record Two
A1   Watch B1   Gimme Shelter
A2   Damage Done                                                       B2   Ghostrider
A3   Burn B3   Sister Ray
A4   Logic B4   Train
A5   Fix B5   Emma
A6   Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Additional Pictures

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Kings And Queen - with 1x red printed label
Kings And Queen - 1x white label, 1x red printed label (overview)
Kings And Queen - white labels (overview)

NOTE: The colour of these blue labels does not come right in neither of the pictures. In fact, it is a quite dark turquoise-blue / greenish blue colour.

Kings And Queen - Vinyl with (greenish) blue label in sleeve
Kings And Queen - Record 1 Label Side A
Kings And Queen - Record 1 Label Side B