Mercyful Release

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Mercyful Release
- First Edition Cover (front) - brown version

Release Notes

  • Label: Brother Records Ltd.
  • Catalogue#: BOSS81087
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: - unclear, due to the fact that this bootleg exists in several editions,
various release dates are in discussion: 1984 (UK), 1987 (Germany) or even 1988.


  • The cover front as well as the cover back show excerpts from a drawing according to a painting
by Belgian surrealist Paul Delvaux titled Train de Nuit (Night Train) (1947)
  • Back Cover Notes:
Printed in England by Senex Co, London
All selections performed
live in Detmold, West Germany
on May, 29th 1984
Mercyful Release
- First Edition Cover (front) - blue version
  • Track A4 is listed as Anaconda, although that song is not featured on the record.
  • Track A6 is wrongly spelled Emily'.
  • Track B5 (Temple Of Love) is marked "x" - Live, Münster, West Germany, 1/9/83
  • The tracks B7 , B8 and B9 are listed on the cover back but do not appear on the vinyl.
Mercyful Release - Blue cover, white labels

Different Editions
The bootleg exists in various editions and reissues.

The first edition comes with a light brown printed cover.

  • It is a limited editon of 500 copies.
  • The vinyls are black vinyl and come with Diamond Sound labels
which are irritatingly marked C and D and with the catalogue# LC 1187.
The copyright information surrounding the label is in German
  • Some sources name 1984 as the release date of this issue.
  • This edition is also available with blue printed cover and plain white labels on the vinyl.
Mercyful Release
- Issue with Limited Edition Sticker Cover (front)
  • Versions with beige or pink toned labels and labels with printed titels are also said to exist.

Mercyful Release - Label marked "D"

Edition With Sticker : "Limited edition on coloured vinyl"

  • This issue comes on clear brown marbled vinyls.
Like the first edition, these have Diamond Sound labels marked C and D
with copyright information in German and an LC 1187 catalogue#
Mercyful Release - Plain White Label
Mercyful Release - b/w Cover (front)
Mercyful Release - b/w Copy Cover (front)
  • Run-outs:
- Side C: BOSS 81087 SOM -B-
- Side D: BOSS 81087 SOM -A-
These are the same run-outs as can be found on the bootleg A Merciful Release,
which features the very same content as the present one.

Repress with b/w cover print

  • This reissue comes on black vinyl with Diamond Sound labels marked C and D
but has also been seen with plain white labels.

Repress with generic white sleeve with a glued A3 copy sheet on it

  • Here, an A3 b/w copy sheet is glued on the cover front and back
of a generic white standard cover.
  • The layout of the back cover is different and misses the drawing.
  • The bootleg comes on black vinyl with Diamond Sound labels marked C and D
with copyright information in German and LC 1187 catalogue#


  • Tracks A1 to B4: Live in Detmold, West Germany, May 29th 1984
In fact, Kir Club, Hamburg, West Germany, 31 August 1983 is the correct recording date.
recorded in February 1982 at Kenny Giles Music Studios, Bridlington, England,
see Body Electric Demos
features the same tracks and identical run-outs, but has a very different coverart.
There one can, indeed, find the tracks B7, B8 and B9 that are listed on the cover back of this one.

Track List

A1  Burn B1  Body Electric
A2  Heartland B2  Gimme Shelter
A3  Body & Soul B3  Ghostrider
A4  Walk Away B4  Sister Ray
B5  Kiss The Carpet                             B5  Temple Of Love          x
A6  Emma B6  Body Electric        xx
A7  Floorshow B7  Adrenochrome        xx   -   not on record
A8  Adrenochrome B8  Lights      xxx   -   not on record
B9  Louie Louie      xxx   -   not on record

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Additional Pictures

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Mercyful Release with Limited Edition on Coloured Vinyl Sticker
Mercyful Release - Coloured Vinyl Edition (back)
Mercyful Release - Brown Cover (back)
Mercyful Release - Brown marbled vinyl (Side C)
Mercyful Release - Brown marbled vinyl (Side D)
Mercyful Release - Brown marbled vinyl held against the light
Mercyful Release - Blue Cover (back)
Mercyful Release - b/w cover, vinyl with "Diamond Sound" labels
Mercyful Release - b/w Cover (back)
Paul Delvaux - Le Train de Nuit (Night Train) - 1947
Mercyful Release - b/w Copy Cover (back)
Mercyful Release - B/w Copy Cover (back) and black vinyl with "Diamond Sound" Label