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First Announcement Poster

July's concerts of The Sisters' Ever Forward Tour in 2014 started with:

Sonisphere UK Festival 2014, Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire

Quote from Sonisphere's News Announcement Page No. 4:

One band that know all about Sonisphere are The Sisters Of Mercy. At Sonisphere UK 2011

they made their first festival performance in 20 years. Three years later they’re back.

“We had such a good time playing Sonisphere in 2011 (for the Sisters’ first UK festival in 20 years)

that we’re coming back, to celebrate 40 years of gigs at Knebworth. Christ, that’s even older than us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all (even though you might not see us).”

First reviews from this festival gig can be found in the according thread @Heartland Forums...

A 20-minute video cut of the concert can be found here... and down on the left side ...

Sisters guitarist Chris Catalyst's band Eureka Machines did also play at this festival,

performing, however, on another stage.


Final Announcement Poster

05/06/2014 - The Sisters Of Mercy @Sonisphere 2014 - a compilation from their performance


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