Stockholm 2019

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Stockholm 2019 - CD Cover (front)
Stockholm 2019 - CD Cover (inlay)

An audience recording from the Swedish

gigs of the worldwide National Treasure

club tour in autumn 2019, that did not

work out extremely well.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: Drsisters
  • Format: data ( MP3s [240 bit/s] ) or CDr
  • Lineage:
--> recording gear (recorder & mic)
--> no bass roll off
--> Adobe Audition --> WAV
--> FREAC --> MP3s
  • Circulated: November 2019


  • Medium sound quality. Taper's remarks:
  This one turned out to be a stinker, distorted.
  Had a security guy in front of me, not a good time to check the volume then...
  • Cover Art: PlanetDave

Band / Line-up
EBay Forbidden text.jpg

Track List

Stockholm 2019 - CD Cover (back)
  • Instrumental