Sun, 11-Sep-2016

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Announcement Poster
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La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

On a lovely Sunday during their Summer 2016 Tour, The Sisters of Mercy played La Riviera in Madrid.

The concert was not recorded. Reviews and everything can,
however, be found in the according thread @The Heartland
Forums from around here ...

The Sisters of Mercy @La Riviera 2016 - This Corrosion

Band / Line-up


Ribbons - Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard @La Riviera
2016 Announcement for the shows in Spain
The Sisters of Mercy @La Riviera - Rain From Heaven

First Encore

Second Encore

Ticket bought & printed @Carrefour

Our thanks go to the kind contributors of the pictures and videos here.

Check their channels and you might find more great treasures...

2016_09_11 Backstage Wristband

Some more videos

More @La Riviera 2016
Amphetamine Logic @La Riviera 2016
Body Electric + Alice @La Riviera 2016
No Time To Cry @La Riviera 2016
Marian @La Riviera 2016
Arms @La Riviera 2016
Dominion / Mother Russia @La Riviera 2016
Jihad + Valentine @La Riviera 2016
Lucretia, My Reflection @La Riviera 2016
Vision Thing @La Riviera 2016
First And Last And Always @La Riviera 2016
This Corrosion @La Riviera 2016