The Final Floorshow

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The Final Floorshow - Cover (front)

The Final Floorshow is perhaps the rarest old Sisters bootleg of all

and has consequently been faked time and again.

It features various studio and live recordings.

Release Notes

  • Label: Scarabeus
  • Catalogue#: SR104
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Release Date: - not known -

  • ATTENTION: Fakes have surfaced in 2008 and 2011.

The latter came from Greece and were sold as test pressings

with white labels - and limited to 5 copies (that says it all).

The Final Floorshow - Original (overview)
The Final Floorshow - Fake Greek Testpressing (overview)


  • Very rare, a limited edition of 30 copies.
  • Basically, a pale white cover with a light white A4 xerox showing the statue of an angel glued to the front.
  • On the cover back, there is another xerox with a b/w Merciful Release logo top right as well as
    the track list and a white on black print: Limited edition of 30 copies.- Your copy is: .. /30 .
  • The back cover also notes:
    All rights of the producer and the owner of the work reproduced reserved.
    Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited!
  • The Greek fake testpressings come with a basically black cover, which otherwise fully imitates
    the layout of the original release with only the slight difference that the back cover xerox states:
    Limited edition of 5 copies. - Your copy is .. test press
  • The true release includes a hand-numbered A4 xerox of the cover art
    and a postcard-size photo with the same motive.
  • Both are also contained in the Greek fake testpressings, however, the xeroxes are not numbered.
  • The original vinyls are black vinyl with green and yellow labels noting:
    BBC Transcription Service
    Copyright Record Made In England By The British Broadcasting Corporation
    Reproduction Ristricted To Broadcasting Stations Authorised By The BBC Only
  • According to the label, the title of the bootleg is Bolan At The Beer,
    while SISTERS OF MERCY is stamped several times - obviously at random - all over the label.


  • Tracks A1 - A5 are demos.

NOTE: The contents of this vinyl are identical with those of the bootleg In Red.

Both were released under the Scarabeus label. It is not known, though, which of the two was the first release.

The Final Floorshow - Vinyl (Side 1)

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/The Final Floorshow.

For the fake Greek test pressings see also this source...

Track List

Side A Side B
 A1   Adrenochrome                                                              B1   1969
 A2   Lights  B2   Sister Ray
 A3   Floorshow  B3   Temple Of Love
 A4   Lights II  B4   Valentine
 A5   Good Things  B5   The Damage Done
 B6   Watch

Additional Pictures

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The Final Floorshow - Fake Greek Test Pressing (back)
The Final Floorshow - Cover (back)
The Final Floorshow - Label Side 1 (facetted)