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In Red - Cover (front)
In Red - Detail of the text on the spine
In Red - Cover (back)

A bootleg-LP with a compliation of various early songs, demos and live appearances ...

Release Notes

  • Label: Scarabeus
  • Cataloge No.: SR 104
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Date of Release: 1992


  • Allegedly a limited edition of 1.000 copies.
  • The title In Red is not directly stated on the cover but has been adopted widely,
maybe due to the colour of the print; it does appear on the spine of the cover, however,
together with the catalogue#.
and The Damage Done - Adrenochrome. Apart from the format, they only differ in as far as
- the background here is black and white on the singles' covers, and
- the lines at the bottom, black here as well, are purple or blue on the covers of the 7"s.
It is not known, however, which of the two bootlegs was released first.
  • The track lists on the cover back and on the labels are wrong.
The first two tracks are given as Teachers and Adrenochrome,
while the album actually starts with Floorshow and Lights.
These two tracks are then repeated (just as listed under A3 and A4).
  • Furthermore, there are some misspellings on the cover and the labels:
Adrenochrome is listed as "Adrenachrome" and Sister Ray is modified into "Sisters"

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/In Red or popsike/In Red

Track List

Side A - Demos

A1   Floorshow  -  (listed as "Teachers") Demo for the Floorshow EP from 1981
A2   Lights  -  (listed as "Adrenachrome") Demo for the Floorshow EP from 1981
A3   Floorshow                                                                     The same version of A1 repeated
A4   Lights The same version of A2 repeated
A5   Good Things Portastudio Demo from 1982

Side B - Live Recordings plus two original The Damage Done single tracks

B1   1969 York University, UK, 7 Mai 1981
B2   Sister Ray York University, UK, 7 Mai 1981
B3   Temple Of Love                                                            Loft Club, Berlin, Germany, 30 August 1983
B4   Valentine Electric Ballroom, London, UK, 11 August 1983
B5   The Damage Done Official single version
B6   Watch Official single version

Additional Pictures

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In Red - Overview
In Red - Label (Side A)
In Red - Label (Side B)