Thu, 12-Feb-1998

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Flyer for February 12th and 13th at the Forum, London
Event Horizon Tour Logo 1998

The Forum, London, England, UK

The first of two London gigs during The Sisters of Mercy's

Event Horizon Tour in 1998, the only UK-concerts of that tour.

Support act: Scoda Blush

Some reviews and more are available at The Sisters of Mercy Tours/1998/02/12.

Various audio recordings and an audience shot film are said to exist,

but usually hard to find.

Band / Line-up

The Sisters of Mercy, The Forum, 12.02.1998 - Train / Detonation Boulevard


Encore I

Ticket stub

Encore II

  Our thanks go to the lovely contributor of the wonderful video here.

   Check their channel and you might find more wonderful treasures.