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January and February 1998 saw The Sisters of Mercy touring 18 venues from Europe to the US and Canada and back to the UK. The European leg of this tour ended with a free concert at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium. From there and after a first check at Dark Harvest Festival in Philadelphia the year before, the band returned to the US for their first tour after 1991, including a double-gig at San Francisco Maritime Hall on February 5th and 6th.

Unfortunately, Andrew caught an ear infection during concerts in Europe, which worsened through the flight, so that the second US-gig at Capitol Ballroom in Washington had to be cancelled.
The entire tour was finalised with two sequent nights at The Forum in London, UK.

However on the good side, three new songs were given their first performance in Erlangen and Munich, respectively:
We Are The Same, Susanne, Romeo Down and Will I Dream?.

Support acts during the European and UK gigs were Think About Mutation (not in Belgium and the UK) and Scoda Blush, while most US and Canada gigs went without a support.

Scoda Blush - 1998 Tour Poster

For details on setlists, audience recordings and stuff, please see the links to the according pages for each gig in the Tour Schedule below. For more information about the tour as a whole, and about the various circumstances around individual gigs, we recommend you check the wonderful Sisters Tours/Event Horizon 1998 pages. Some interesting statistical data of this tour are also available at The Sisters of Mercyu Database v0.5 Beta/Event Horizon.

Some further entertaining facts can also be found in the excerpts from The Sisters Event Horizon Tour Book 1998 below.

Backstage Pass for German Shows

Band / Line-up

  • According to the Tour Personnel List on Page 2 of The Sisters' Tour Book 1998
down below, Mike Hall was officially booked as computer technician.
The cover of the Event Horizon CD-bootleg notes rumours, however, that
Ravey Davey was initially booked, but couldn't obtain a visa for the US.

Tour Schedule

Gigs marked *** were recorded and are in circulation among the fanbase.
Some further recordings (+++) are known to exist, but ...

Announcement for German tour-leg still noting Nuremberg (Nürnberg) instead of Erlangen as the place of the first gig
San Francisco, US, Maritime Hall,
6./7. February 1998 - Ticket (front) -

Europe                               Capacity

  • Wed, 14-Jan-1998: Erlangen - Germany - Stadthalle  +++     ;     2,500
  • Fri, 16-Jan-1998: Vienna - Austria - Libro Music Hall  +++           4,300
  • Sat, 17-Jan-1998: Prague - Czech Republic - Mala Sportovni Hala  +++      16,000
  • Sun, 18-Jan-1998: Chemnitz - Germany - Kraftwerk  ***            1,700
  • Tue, 20-Jan-1998: Berlin - Germany - Huxleys Neue Welt  ***        2,200
  • Wed, 21-Jan-1998: Herford - Germany - Kick  ***                 1,800
  • Thu, 22-Jan-1998: Düsseldorf - Germany - Stahlwerk  ***          2,500
  • Sat, 24-Jan-1998: Munich - Germany - Colosseum  ***           2,200
  • Sun, 25-Jan-1998: Hamburg - Germany - Gaswerk G1  ***          2,900
  • Mon, 26-Jan-1998: Brussels - Belgium - Ancienne Belgique  +++       2,000

US & Canada                              Capacity

  • Fri, 30-Jan-1998: New York City - USA - Roseland Ballroom  +++       3,200
  • Sat, 31-Jan-1998: Washington D.C. - USA - The Capitol Ballroom (cancelled)   2,000
  • Sun, 01-Feb-1998: Toronto - Canada - Warehouse   ***             2,275
  • Tue, 03-Feb-1998: Chicago - USA - Riviera Theatre  +++             2,500
  • Thu, 05-Feb-1998: San Francisco - USA - Maritime Hall              1,800
  • Fri, 06-Feb-1998: San Francisco - USA - Maritime Hall   ***             1,800
  • Sat, 07-Feb-1998: Los Angeles - USA - Hollywood Palladium             3,400

UK                                   Capacity

  • Thu, 12-Feb-1998: London - England - Forum  +++              2,100 (then)
  • Fri, 13-Feb-1998: London - England - Forum  ***                  now 2,300

Tour Shirts

Our thanks for the shirt pictures go to Heartland Forums member ribbons69.

Event Horizon Tour Shirt 1998 (front)
Event Horizon Tour Shirt 1998 (back)
Event Horizon Longsleeve Shirt 1998 (front)
Event Horizon Longsleeve Shirt 1998 (back)

The Sisters' Event Horizon Tour Book

A few excerpts from the original of 1998 ...

Page 1 - Tourdates
Page 2 - Tour Personnel
Page 3 - The Law
Tour Schedule Page 35