Tue, 19-Mar-1985

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Gig Poster - this one has obviously suffered over the years ...

Ritz, Manchester, England

Tour Logo
Part of the Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out... Tour of the UK in spring 1985.

Support act: The Scientists.

An audience recording from this concert is in circulation among the fanbase.

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Reviews / Press Cuttings

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Mercy Mission

Press Review

DOOMY DERELICTION? Rockist rat-trap? Forget the cruel criticism, this is the Mercy Mission - this is rock and roll. Tap, tap goes the drum box in its sentimentally synthetic way. Buzz, buzz go the chainsaw gee-tars. Yay, yay go the leather-look junkettes on the dancefloor. "Watch this," says the mean 'n' moody Eldritch boy, oh Cool One with the dusky shades.
    Dance, dance, dance ... hypno-cosmic beats groove on while melodic drones coagulate into a sexual sight. Gawp at the matchstick men with their patent practise. Sensual satisfaction, the relief of the sweat-filled fantasies as they emanate from Andy's l-l-lips. Back to the start, the dripping dreams of 'Alice' and 'Floorshow's vibrant energy.
    Flares 'n' platforms too, for Craig, while the bizarre beasties toke their autojump into overdrive. 'First And Last And Always' was gargantuan, 'Marian' an exercise in manic depression. Such style, with no little substance. Seize that rabid relief and scream with painful delight.
    The imagines heights become stark reality. Love that craz concept, the jailed justification of rock for pop's sake. Open The Doors, see the light right in front of you. Jukebox junkies, petal power, Eighties' haties, dig the drugs. Metal moods make happy harmonies while shattered showbands blast their wary wares to disillusioned listeners. None of that here, m'boy.
    Brother, these Sisters know how to rock and roll. No more, no less - treat them and they'll treat you.