Under The Knife

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Under The Knife - Greek (fake) CD Cover (front)

A compilation of demos and mixes, originally compiled by The God Squad.

Recently, greek sellers have been distributing limited copies of this in online auctions.
Anyway, this bootleg is in circulation and available among the fanbase.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown, possibly Junk Rock Records
  • Catalogue#: unknown
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1993


  • originally release by The God Squad.
  • Tracks 2-4 of this compilation can also be found on
    The God Squad's 12" vinyl release Back To Basics (2) from 1993.
  • Greek copies sold as CD-edition or A5-box, both limited to 50 copies.

For some more information about The God Squad, please read yourself through this thread on Heartland Forum ...


Under The Knife - Greek (fake) CD cover (back)
  1.   Intro God Squad Special Project   0:58
  2.   Beans God Squad   7:41
  3.   Keep The Faith God Squad Mix   6:21
  4.   Floored God Squad Instrumental Mix                       5:42
  5.   This Corrosion Black Label Promo 1987 11:16
  6.   Dominion/Ozymandias                     Unreleased 1988   7:00
  7.   More DJ Edit 1990   4:30
  8.   Dr Jeep DJ Edit 1990   2:55
  9.   Detonation Boulevard Remix 1990   3:49
10.   More Radio Edit 1993   3:02
11.   Temple Of Love 1992 DJ Edit 1992   4:22
12.   This Corrosion Spiral Tribe Mix 1992   6:15
13.   Under The Gun DJ Edit 1993   4:02
14.   More Groove Mix 1993 10:53

About Each Track

Under The Knife - Greek copy A5-box (front)
  • Keep The Faith is a song by The God Squad with samples of Phantom.
  • Floored is a song by The God Squad with samples of Floorshow.
  • This Corrosion lasts an extra 20 seconds or so than the Floodland version, possibly just because it fades out completely.
    Whereas the LP version passes into the intro of Flood II, this version simply dissolves into the fade out.
  • Dominion/Ozymandias is a remix of Dominion. The drums have a slightly different sound (not too noticeable unless you compare it directly with the LP version). At 00:23, the music stops (while the drums carry on), and the music restarts at 00:37. The drums in the chorus give the extra loud note after "Dominion!" as in the single version. At 05:25, the song suddenly reverses in mid-word to Ozymandias and at 05:43, Sandstorm is mixed in. At 06:29, Ozymandias stops, and Sandstorm finishes the song.
  • More (DJ Edit) is a shortened version of More.
  • More (Radio Edit 1993) is a different sounding, severely remixed version of More, shortend to radio-friendly 3 minutes.
  • Temple Of Love 1992 (DJ Edit) is the 7" mix.
  • Under The Gun (DJ Edit) is a shortened version, starting at the second verse.
  • More (Groove Mix 1993) is an 11 minute long dance version of More.

Additional Pictures

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Under The Knife - Original Front Inlay (complete)
Under The Knife - Greek CD cover