Victims Of Circumstance (cassette)

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Typical Victims Of Circumstance cassette with Body And Soul artwork

Bootleg cassette with material from various sources:

  • Tracks 2 - 6 as well as tracks 8 and 10 are Demos
from The Sisters of Mercy's sessions at Strawberry Studios, Stockport in 1984
  • Tracks 7, 9, 12 and 15 could possibly stem from a WEA studio tape dated March 11th, 1985
  • Tracks 13 and 14 are alos live tracks but of so far unknown origin
  • The origin of track 11 - Afterhours - is so far entirley unknown ...

This cassette exists in many varieties with mostly some more tracks for example
from the Peel Sessions or some additional live tracks and so on ...
However, all of the songs listed below are included and mostly in exactly this order.

Typical Victims Of Circumstance cassette with Body And Soul artwork

In addition, the source of the tracks from this cassette or even this cassette itself
are most likely the source of other bootlegs with the same title like the Palazzograssi 7" vinyl,
the Australian Bootleg CD and this pretty probably homemade CD, and for further bootlegs
like Suns Of Mercy as well.

HEARTLAND Issue Four notes on this issue:

"... infamous 'Victims of Circumstance' tape. The history of this tape is now part

of The Sisters of Mercy 'folklore' as it was rumoured to have been based on an idea

from inside WEA who wanted a compilation of cover versions played by the band ..."

In addition, this thread on Heartland Forum is also quite an interesting read

regards this cassette, its sources, and its varieties ...

Track List

  1.   Ghostrider / Sister Ray Live in Amsterdam 1984
  2.   Marian Original Demo widely known as Red Skies Disappear
  3.   Dance On Glass Demo
  4.   A Rock And A Hard Place Disco Mix
  5.   Garden Of Delight Demo (Hussey)
  6.   Garden Of Delight Demo (Eldritch)
  7.   Knocking On Heavens Door                               Demo
  8.   Serpent's Kiss Instrumental Demo
  9.   Emma Demo
10.   Jessica's Crime Salvation Demo for their projected first album Clash Of Dreams
11.   Afterhours Remix
12.   A Rock And A Hard Place Demo
13.   Temple Of Love Live (source unknown)
14.   Some Kind Of Stranger Live (source unknown)
15.   No Time To Cry Demo