Victims Of Circumstance 7"

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Victims Of Circumstance 7" Vinyl Cover Front
Victims Of Circumstance 7" Vinyl Cover Back

The second of four Palazzograssi

Sisters of Mercy 7" bootleg singles

from the 1980ies ...

Release Notes

  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Catalogue#: VOC 7
  • Released: 1987


Original Cover Notes

All Tracks Are Demo Versions
This is the second PALAZZOGRASSI PRODUCTION in a series of three. The first was "SILENCE IS PLATINUM", a limited edition box set of two 7" EPs and the third, which is scheduled for Spring 1988 is "REVERBERATION ACROSS THE NATION": a document of THE SISTERS OF MERCY show in Rome on 2nd May 1985. This will be a strictly limited edition of only 50 numbered copies, each with a complete SISTERS OF MERCY discography booklet.
"For the last time Rise & Reverberate" - THE PHANTOM TWINS

  • Three further bootlegs, also titled Victims Of Circumstance but with more tracks, do exist as well by the way:
- a cassette bootleg
- an Australian Bootleg CD
- a probably homemade bootleg CD

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Victims Of Circumstance 7" or of Circumstance...

Track List

Side A Side B
Track Remarks Track Remarks
Marian Vocals by Marx featuring different lyrics and often referred to     Rock And A Hard Place     Vocals by Eldritch
as Red Skies Disappear due to a line in the chorus
Dance On Glass     Vocals by Hussey Garden Of Delight Vocals by Eldritch

Test Pressing with non-gatefold cover (front)
Test Pressing with non-gatefold cover (back)

Remarks on released and unreleased issues

Releases, promos and test pressings

  • The original was limited to 1000 copies, pressed on black vinyl, and had a numbered smooth sleeve
Black vinyls with numbered sleeves, which have an additional print on the inside, do exist as well.
  • As both Phantom Twins wanted to have the number 1 issue, two copies numbered 0001 were done.

  • Allegedly, some promo copies of this original were manufactured. The sleeves of these are grey on
the front instead of black; they are not numbered and have some additional print on the inside.
No information on how many of these were done or distributed available so far.

  • A further 500 copies were pressed, numbered up to 1500/1000
  • Later on, the single was reissued with a more stable, glossy sleeve and including copies on white vinyl.
Both (black and white vinyl) editions are allegedly not numbered, though numbered versions have been
sighted. However, although the cover states that the EPs were limited to 1000 copies, some owners of
this record had to note that the white box on the sleeve for the individual numbering is blank.

  • Under catalogue# PG002 (instead of VOC7), a white labelled test pressing was done
the sleeve of which only a dull matt proof, without any lamination or numbering. This test
run consisted of two copies only. However, Palazzograssi were not content with the quality
of this pressing and chose for another pressing plant, hence the different catalogue#.

Cover Variations

Test Proof in light grey with red finish
Test proof in purple

According to our information, Palazzograssi experimented a lot with different colours for the sleeve of this record.

The following variations were done, but never got released or distributed:

  • an unnumbered yellow test-proof for the original release to check the sleeve quality and to decide about the final colour
  • a further test-proof, this time in light grey with red finish and additional print on the inside
  • another test-proof in purple
  • a limited edition of 26 copies in gatefold sleeves numbered A - Z were envisaged as well.
Test-proofs were done, but the idea was abandoned later. These sleeves were, of course, not numbered.
The colour of the background print on the inside of the gatefold is silver-metallic.

Additional Pictures

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Testproofs for non-gatefold covers (original blue and purple)
Victims of Circumstance - Uncut printers proof
Victims Of Circumstance - White label test pressing
Victims Of Circumstance
- Cover with inside print
Victims Of Circumstance - White label test pressing - Cover with inside print
Gatefold Test Proof (Front)
Gatefold Test Proof (Back)
Victims Of Circumstance - with white vinyl (hardly ever seen)