Wed, 29-Jun-1983

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Newspaper Announcement

Brixton Ace, London, England

One of the last few gigs in June ending The Sisters of Mercy's UK Spring Tour

of 1983. The other acts on that date were Flesh For Lulu and The Smiths.

Another more detailled newspaper announcement

A Live Bootleg of this show does exist, see Live At Brixton Ace.

There are also at least three audio audience recordings in circulation

among the fanbase ranging from good to very good sound quality.

An incomplete audience video recording does exist as well,

missing Burn, parts of Jolene, Floorshow and Body Electric.

Thanks to sisterstekland, you can watch a full show video on YT

or down below.


The Sisters @Brixton Ace, 29 June 1983 - the full show with many thanks to sisterstekland -


   ●  Kiss The Carpet
   ●  Alice
   ●  Anaconda
   ●  Valentine
   ●  Burn
   ●  Jolene
   ●  Heartland
   ●  Adrenochrome
   ●  Floorshow
   ●  Gimme Shelter
   ●  Emma
   ●  Body Electric