Friday The 13th

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A CD-bootleg from the final gig of The Sisters of Mercy's Event Horizon Tour in 1998.

Friday The 13th - CD Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: SOM Music
  • Catalogue#: SOM CD 1100
  • Format: CD
  • Released: unknown


  • This recording does not give the complete show.
Kiss The Carpet, Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger and Jolene are missing.
which is, however, also incomplete. A further bootleg-CD called Event Horizon is
- apart from the cover art - only copy of the latter.
  • According to the cover art, other Sisters bootleg-CDs have been produced by this label before
namely Enjoy The Puppet Show (1993) and Dark Christmas In London (1993).
  • Cover Note (quote from the gig): "We are the light at the end of your sorry little tunnel."
  • Total Running Time: 73:56


  • Recently, this bootleg appeared in online auctions with a differing artwork on the disc,
(see the pictures down below). This was not a different release, but a homemade variety
created by the according seller.


Friday The 13th - CD Cover (back)

Track List

 1. Ribbons
 2. Come Together
 3. Amphetamine Logic
 4. Body Electric
 5. Giving Ground
 6. We Are The Same, Susanne
 7. On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire
 8. Will I Dream?
 9. Dominion/Mother Russia
10. Summer
11. Anaconda
12. Romeo Down
13. Flood II
14. Temple Of Love
15. First And Last And Always
16. This Corrosion
17. Vision Thing

Additional Pictures

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Friday The 13th - CD Cover Front (Inner Side)
Friday The 13th - Original Disc
Friday The 13th - View With Homemade Print On Disc
Friday The 13th - CD Cover Back (Tray Side)
Friday The 13th - View In Jewel Case
Friday The 13th - View With Homemade Disc (back)