Kings Theatre Brooklyn 2nd June 2023

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An audience recording from The Sisters first show in Brooklyn recorded live during the Sisters At The Planet Edge Tour of North America in 2023 on Friday, 2nd June in New York.

Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 CD Cover (front)
Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 - CD Cover (inlay)
Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 CD Cover (inlay)

Recording Notes

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  • Taper: VIPER 502
  • Format: data (FLACs)
  • Location: very close to the stage barrier
  • Equipment:
Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics
  • Lineage:
--> Audio Recorder Pro app --> WAV
--> Audacity --> Tracks splitting
--> Trader's Little Helper --> FLACs (Level 8)
  • Circulated: June 2023

Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 CD Cover (inlay)

Band Line-up 2019.JPG


  • Duration: 01:21:30 hrs
  • A set of photos was included in this share.
  • This is a fanbase production for personal use only.

Taper's Notes
The Bats were out en force and The Count was in the building. Eldritch, unfortunately, dropped "First and Last and Always" and "Giving Ground" from the setlist. The former is the bigger loss as it meant that only one song ("Marian") remained from one of the greatest albums of all-time. Reports of bad sound were overblown (at least from where I was standing). The only issue (in my opinion) was that Christo's backup vocals sounded, at times, louder than Eldritch's.

It was my first time at the Kings Theatre. It's a stunning venue and a current favorite of many artists (as they're bypassing similar ones in Manhattan). I'm sure I'll be back for something in the future. Review and pics here...

Track List

Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 - CD Cover (back)