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After the Event Horizon Tour in January and February that year, Summer 1998 was marked by six festival appearances all over Europe plus some two gigs in Tokyo envisaged for a visit to Japan, which unfortunately did not materialise. The first of the afore mentioned festival appearances was The Sisters' second gig at Roskilde Festival, where they stepped in for The Verve. The Verve had to cancel their slot as their bassist was ill.

Please check the individual links in the Tour Schedule below for details, links, pictures, and setlists of each concert. For plenty further information on this tour and its circumstances we recommend the wonderful page at SistersTours/1998 - Summer. In addition, some tour statistics are available @The Sisters of Mercy Database v0.5 beta/Summer 1998. Some photos from the gigs - like the one here - can be found @The Sisters of Mercy Ultimate Resource Guide under the concerts listed there.

The Sisters of Mercy on stage @Roskilde 1998 - here: Adam Pearson, Andrew Eldritch

Band / Line-up

Tour Schedule

All concerts of this tour were recorded from the audience and are in circulation among the fanbase.

European Summer Festivals

  • Sat, 27-Jun-1998: Denmark - Roskilde Festival (headlining the second stage on Day 3 of 4)
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  • Sat, 04-Jul-1998: Reuterstadt Stavenhagen - Germany - Tankhaus - Bands für Bands Festival (Headliner)
  • Sat, 25-Jul-1998: Rothenburg /Tauber - Germany - Taubertal Festival (Headliner)


Gigs that did not come into being
Remarkably, there were quite a few rumours, announcements and cancellations regards further gigs that year.

For more information on these, please check the wonderful SistersTours page under False gigs of late 1998.