Sat, 29-Aug-1998

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Summer Horizon Festival, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The last gig of the Summer Festival Tour in 1998, headlined by The Sisters of Mercy.

An audience recording of this concert is in circulation among the fanbase.

For reviews and more see Sisters Tours/Gelsenkirchen 1998, which quotes:

"Apparently, people attending the gig were treated to the legendary Andrew Eldritch composition New World Order
described by the man himself as "a saxophone solo which takes ten minutes to convey one mixed emotion, and
not sequentially either. It's one of the best things I've ever written" UTR14). Reports suggest it was played before
the gig, while after the gig a rough demo of War on Drugs was said to be heard coming out of speakers..."

Andrew Eldritch on stage @Summer Horizon Festival 1998

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