The Acid Rain

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The Acid Rain - Cover (front)

A live bootleg of superb sound quality featuring excerpts from various concerts

The Sisters of Mercy played between as early as 1982 to 1985.

The tracks do, however, not appear in chronological order.

Release Notes

  • Label: L.M.A, Temple Ov Sisters Youth
  • Catalogue#: T.O.S.Y 007
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1987 (Spain)


  • Allegedly a limited edition
  • Made in Germany
  • Additional identifier: BN C-76.23-066-01
  • Black vinyl with dark blue labels, all tracks listed on side 2.
  • Track titles on label are phantasy titles (see track list below)
  • Additional backsleeve note: World Network System



  • The actual date of the Mallemunt Festival is not clear. Other sources give 5th August 1983 as the according date.

The Acid Rain - Cover (back)

Track List

Side 1

Title noted on label as Date Venue
1.  Burn Lightnin' 24.08.83         Mallemunt Festival, Brussels
2.  Heartland The Hard Land 24.08.83 Mallemunt Festival, Brussels
3.  Adrenochrome All In Chrome 24.08.83 Mallemunt Festival, Brussels
4.  Body And Soul         Shapes of 26.04.85 Volkshaus, Zurich
5.  Possession Dignity 26.04.85 Volkshaus, Zurich
6.  Floorshow Share, Show & Amber          13.04.84 Danceteria, New York

Side 2

Title noted on label as Date Venue
1.  Temple Of Love Love Cathedral 30.08.83         Loft, Berlin
2.  Where Spirits Fly      Where Spirits Fly 27.05.84 Markthalle, Hamburg
3.  Anaconda Abysses 05.10.82 University, Leeds
4.  Alice Malice 05.10.82 University, Leeds
5.  Watch Close for Looking 05.10.82 University, Leeds
6.  Train All In Line 18.06.85 Royal Albert Hall, London
7.  Louie Louie Louie, where did you go?       18.06.85 Royal Albert Hall, London

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The Acid Rain - Cover with Vinyl (Side 1)
The Acid Rain - Label (Side 1)
The Acid Rain - Cover with Vinyl (Side 2)
The Acid Rain - Label (Side 2)