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Mallemunt Festival Poster by Belgian Illustrator E. Meulen

Mallemunt Festival, Muntplein, Brussels, Belgium

Tour Logo

NOTE: There has been quite some confusion for decades
over the correct date of this performance:

it was the starting gig of the Trans-Europe Excess Tour in 1983.
  • The Official Gigography and other sources detail, however,
the 24th of August 1983 as the date of this gig.
  • The information about the live compilation bootleg The Acid Rain
mentions the same date, while its back cover merely states
Brussels 8-83.
  • Another live bootleg titled Razorblades gives the 5th of August 1983
for the show.
These pictures as well are marked as of August 5, 1983.

-- User:Possession - 02:13, 31 December 2005 (SAST)

Anyway, the festival poster here on the left, which was done by Belgian Illustrator Ever Meulen, notes 28 Juli to 12 August as the festival period.

In addition, there is - eventually and with many thanks to SpiggyTapes - the still video on the right side which also shows an announcement for The Sisters of Mercy's concert during the festival and features a great recording of Anaconda.

This concert was recorded from the audience and is in circulation among the fanbase.

The Sisters of Mercy - 5 August 1983, Mallemunt Festival - Anaconda


The Sisters of Mercy - 5 August 1983, Mallemunt Festival - Burn