Fri, 16-Jan-1998

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Andrew Eldritch
Event Horizon Tour Logo 1998
Mike Varjak
Andrew Eldritch
Andrew Eldritch

Libro Music Hall, Vienna, Austria

Part of The Sisters' Event Horizon Tour in 1998

Support Acts: Think About Mutation, Scoda Blush

Returning to Vienna five years after the Overbombing Tour,
The Sisters played three encores at the end of this gig.

For reviews and everything, please see:
SistersTours/1998/01/16, Libro Music Hall, Vienna.

Sadly enough, the photos by Andrej linked to on that page have
disappeared, so we've decided to present them to you right here.
Please, click into the pictures for larger views.

As far as we know, this concert was recorded, but is hard to find.


First Encore

Second Encore

Final Encore