Nottingham 2020 - The Last Meal

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Nottingham 2020 - The Last Meal - CD Cover (inside)
Nottingham 2020 - The Last Meal - CD Cover (front)

Some video-sourced audience recording

from The Sisters of Mercy's Spring Tour

in 2020. Due to the worldwide coronavirus

outbreak, this was the unfortunately last

gig of said tour. All later concerts were

postponed to ... 2022.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: Cthulhu Rising
  • Format: Data (MP3s) or CDr
  • Lineage / Equipment:
--> full show video --> track splitting
--> MP3s --> replacement of various tracks
--> see taper's remarks below
  • Circulated: Spring 2020

EBay Forbidden text.jpg



  • Taper's remarks:
Some equipment issues occured midway through Alice and tracks from then until Flood II came out muffled to various degrees. The following have been replaced
by recordings from other contributors: Alice: Urban Takes / Dominion: Urban Takes / Instrumental: MrBlonde / I Was Wrong: Ingo Wennemaring.
Further songs were also impacted but no replacements could be found: Show Me / Marian / First And Last And Always / Black Sail / Flood II
  • A one-track MP3 from the full show video was also made available.
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Band / Line-up

Track List

Nottingham Rock City, 11 March 2020 - CD Cover (back)