Sat, 28-Jun-1997

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Electric Factory - Marquee

Dark Harvest Festival, Electric Factory, Philadelphia, USA

Tour Logo 1997

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Distance Over Time Tour in 1997

and the only concert in the US during that tour.

Special guests / support acts were Switchblade Symphony,

Sunshine Blind and a band named The New Creatures.

For reviews and everything see SistersTours/1997/06/28...

An audience recording from the gig does exist and is in circulation among the fanbase. Most likely this or another audience recording formed the basis for the bootleg CD from this concert titled Live At The Electric Factory.
An audience video from The Sisters' show with a good quality of sound and vision is available here.

Full Show - 28.08.1997 -  * many thanks to the uploader

This video of the full show can also be viewed here

on the right side ... enlargable to full screen ...

Handout Dark Harvest III Festival 1997


Textured Sticker For Aftershow Backstage Entry
Ticket Stub
Ticket Stub

Intro: Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola

First Encore

Second Encore

NOTE: Jolene was also on the setlist, but not played.