Sun, 10-Nov-2019

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Annnouncement of the concert

Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

After a first concert at this venue in Summer 2016, South America promoters Top Link Music

welcomed The Sisters of Mercy here again for their National Treasure Tour three years later.

Support act as for the entire Latin America leg of this tour were The Secret Society.

There is also a thread at the Heartland Forums for this gig.


Band / Line-up

Vivo Rio, 10.11.19 - No Time To Cry


  ●  More

  ●  Ribbons

  ●  Crash And Burn

  ●  Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard

  ●  No Time To Cry

  ●  Alice

Vivo Rio, 10.11.19 - First And Last And Always

  ●  Show Me On The Doll

  ●  Dominion / Mother Russia

  ●  Marian

  ●  Better Reptile

  ●  First And Last And Always

  ●  the instrumental

  ●  Something Fast

  ●  I Was Wrong

Vivo Rio, 10.11.19 - Lucretia, My Reflection

  ●  Flood II

  ●  Lucretia, My Reflection

  ●  Vision Thing

  ●  Temple Of Love

  ●  This Corrosion

  Our thanks go to the dedicated contributors of the wonderful videos here.

   Check their channels and you might find more wonderful treasures.

Additional Videos

Vivo Rio - Dominion/Mother Russia - limited sound quality
Vivo Rio, 10.11.19 - Vision Thing
Vivo Rio, 10.11.19 - This Corrosion