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Festival Flyer

Super-Crash Festival, Rendsburg, Germany

As the final gig of their Distance Over Time Tour, The Sisters of Mercy headlined the last day of a three-day festival in Northern Germany, perfoming one of the very few concerts with four encores.

Other acts on that day included Project Pitchfork, Die Krupps, OOMPH,
Wolfsheim, Moonspell, Pyogenesis, Crematory, Philtron, Subway to Sally, Scoda Blush, the Catastrophy Ballet, and Hate Squad.

Headliners on Day 1 and 2 were Die Fantastischen Vier and the Leningrad Cowboys, H-BLOCK X and the Urban Dance Squad were among the more renown bands on these days.

The concert gained a certain degree of awareness for the re-introduction and the extensive version of the Sister Ray - Medley and for Andrew joining Die Krupps on stage during their performance of Fatherland, a remix of which he had done together with Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex for their 1994 album The Final Remixes. You might want listen to the track here or down below on the right. During the Rendsburg show, Eldritch sang however "Motherland" instead of "Fatherland".

Some further reviews can be found at SistersTours/1997/07/20.

An audience recording of The Sisters' performance at this festival is in circulation
among the fanbase and has surfaced on a bootleg-CD titled Deep Blue vs. Dr. Avalanche.

Remix - The Krupps - Fatherland

Band / Line-up

Running Order
day-ticket for 20 July 1997


Encore I

Encore II

Further Encore

And a last Encore

  • consisting of a very long medley of:
Sister Ray / Louie Louie ...
I'm not Your Steppin' Stone / Walkin' The Dog ...
Lucretia, My Reflection / Killed By Death ...
Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves ...
Capricorn / Metropolis

and ...