Tue, 02-Dec-2008

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Music Box at the Fonda, L.A. - Marquee

The Music Box at The Fonda, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

The final gig of The Sisters of Mercy's North America Ocean To Ocean Tour in 2008.

Support act: Hypernova

Audience recordings from this concert exist, but incomplete,

see also Los Angeles 2008 - No Sleep 'Til Hollywood.

Reviews from the gig can be found at Heartland Forum Archives...

2008 north america ocean to ocean.jpg


   ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals

   ●  Chris Catalyst - guitars, backing vocals

   ●  Ben Christo - guitars, backing vocals

   ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards

   ●  Simon Denbigh - Nurse to The Doktor


First Encore

Second Encore