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VEGA, Copenhagen, Denmark

After a short intermezzo at Amager Bio in 2019, where the fire alarm went on and prevented all further usage of any fog machine support, The Sisters of Mercy returned to the VEGA entertainment centre for their Spring Tour concert in May 2022.

The VEGA, initially called the Folkets Hus (House of the People) is a listed venue built in the 1950s as a gathering place for Social Democrats and trade unions and is widely known for its architecture by Vilhelm Lauritzen and its meanwhile revised interior designs.

Check here for further information, upcoming reviews and more on this gig.

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   ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals

   ●  Ben Christo - guitars, bass, backing vocals

   ●  Dylan Smith - guitars, backing vocals

   ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards

   ●  Ravey Davey - nurse to The Doktor

    Support act: Principe Valiente

Ribbons - 23.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen


   - with many thank to iesus -
Announcement for the concert

   ●  Don't Drive On Ice

   ●  Crash And Burn

   ●  Ribbons

   ●  There's A Door

When I'm On Fire - 24.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen

   ●  I Will Call You

   ●  Alice

   ●  But Genevieve

   ●  We Are The Same, Susanne

   ●  Instrumental 86

   ●  Giving Ground

   ●  More

   ●  Show Me

   ●  Eyes Of Caligula

Summer - 24.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen

   ●  I Was Wrong

   ●  When I'm On Fire

   ●  Here

   First Encore

   ●  Summer

   ●  Lucretia, My Reflection

   Second Encore
   ●  Temple Of Love

   ●  This Corrosion

   Many, many thanks to all the lovely contributors of the videos here.

   Check their channels, where you will definitely find more great treasures.

Further Videos

Don't Drive On Ice - 23.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen
Show Me - 23.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen
Eyes Of Caligula - 24.05.22, VEGA, Copenhagen