Wed, 31-Oct-1984

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Andrew Eldritch on stage at the Lyceum in London
31 October 1984  -  Photo originally by Barry Plummer  
Newspaper ad for the gig

Lyceum, London, England

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's
Black October Tour in 1984 ...

Other acts at this event included
the Skeletal Family and Dead.

This concert was recorded and is
in circulation among the fanbase.

Beyond that, some Live Bootlegs were
made of recordings from this concert,
see for example Halloween's Day
and LYCEUM 31/10/84.

Ticket stub - thanks to brunobossier
Announcement for this one and a former gig



Ticket stub

Further concert photos and other additional pictures

- All concert photos with many thanks originally by Barry Plummer - Contact here     - Please click into the images for larger views. -

Bootleg cassette featuring the gig
Andrew Eldritch and Wayne Hussey on stage at Lyceum, London, 31 October 1984
Andrew Eldritch at Lyceum, London, 31/10/84
Andrew Eldritch at Lyceum, London, 31/10/84
Halloween's Day - Vinyl bootleg mainly featuring a recording of this concert