All The Way To Denver The Fillmore Auditorium 9th June 2023

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An audience recording from the final show of the US-leg of the Sisters At The Planet Edge Tour to North and Latin America in 2023.

All The Way To Denver 2023 CD Cover (front)
All The Way To Denver 2023 - CD Cover (inlay)

Recording Notes

  • Taper: bluejane99
  • Format: data (FLACs)
  • Location: balcony, left side 2nd row
  • Equipment / Lineage:
Olympus LS-P4 (16/44) --> WAV --> FLACs
  • Duration: 1hr 20min
  • Circulated: June 2023


  • Recorded live on June 9th, 2023
@The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, USA



Taper's Notes
It was goth week in Denver! First The Cure, now The Sisters of Mercy. The band gave a great set, first tour in many years and I'm glad I caught a show. But the acoustics at the Fillmore are not good. I got fairly decent recordings of other shows there, but only when standing less than 20 feet from the PA. Further back, the Fillmore is a boomy metal shed, and sounds like it. At least I got to sit down. Enjoy!

Track List

  • Intro
All The Way To Denver 2023 - CD Cover (back)