Sat, 07-Jun-1997

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Tour Logo 1997

Woodstage Festival, Glauchau, Germany

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Distance Over Time Tour in 1997.

Headliners: The Sisters of Mercy

Other acts at this event were Front 242, Læther Strip,

Think About Mutation and a few more.

The Woodstage Newcomer '97 presented at this festival

was actually Rammstein.

This concert was recorded and is in circulation among the fanbase

A bootleg-CD titled In The Shadow Of The Sun was created as well.

Some reviews and descriptions of and around this concert can be found

at Sisters Tours under 1997/06/07, Woodstage Festival

from where most of the pictures here are derived.

As it has shown in the meantime, the setlist The Sisters of Mercy

performed here was initially planned to include two encores with

two further tracks in total, see the picture below ...

Band / Line-up


Other than actually played, a sligthtly extended setlist was initially planned as it seems...

Original setlist - most likely from The Doktor

Encore I

Encore II