Suikerrock Festival 2022

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An audience recording from the summer festivals during The Sisters of Mercy's International Treasure Tour of 2022. The Suikerrock Festival in Tienen (Tirlemont), Belgium had before been rescheduled twice due to corona pandemic restrictions.

Suikerrock Festival 2022 - CD Cover (front)
Suikerrock Festival 2022 - CD Cover Front (inside)

Recording Notes

  • Position:
about 5-10m from stage slightly more
on the left (Ben) side
  • Format: data (MP3) or CDr
  • Lineage:
iPhone 13 --> Shure MV88 mic --> WAV file
--> audio editing by sisterstekland
--> MP3 in ONE (no track splitting)
  • Circulated: August 2022


  • This recording is incomplete and missing the first two songs
Don't Drive On Ice and Crash And Burn.
  • A fanbase production of good sound quality
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Track List

Suikerrock Festival 2022 - CD Cover (back)