The Damage Is Done Part 1 & 2

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The Damage Is Done - Box (front)

A very rare box-set with live tracks from one of The Sisters earliest gigs on 4 May 1981;

a version of their rarely performed cover of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! from 1984;

part of the concert at Odeon, Münster, Germany, 1983 from the Trans-Europe Excess Tour

as well as two early demos from the band's first promo tape, and the unlisted track Home Of The Hit-Men from The Sisters' very first single The Damage Done.

Release Notes

  • Label: not clear, possibly Laughing Death Records
  • Catalogue#: DA2-957
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP (Part 1) and cassette (Part 2) - box set
  • Released: 1987 (Germany)


  • Limited Edition of 20 copies coming in a black box with a large red hand-numbered sticker.
  • The font used for the all over artwork is a typical Gothic print.
  • The box-set consists of a 12" vinyl LP, a cassette and an orange insert sheet,
all of which are hand-numbered as well, and a discography-book


The Damage Is Done - Box-Set with insert sheet, cassette and discography


This recording does not give the full concert and is continued on the accompanying cassette, which might be the reason why this bootleg is titled "The Damage Is Done Part 1 & 2".


  • D2, D3 are Demos from 1981

Track Lists

Part 1 - LP

Side A Side B
 A1   The Damage Done  B1   Burn
 A2   Watch  B2   Valentine
 A3   Teachers / Adrenochrome  B3   Anaconda
 A4   Sister Ray  B4   Temple Of Love
 A5   Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)                                 B5   Adrenochrome
   B6   Kiss The Carpet
   B7   Body Electric

Part 2 - Cassette

Side A Side B
 C1   Anaconda                                                                                         D1   Sister Ray
 C2   Alice  D2   Floorshow
 C3   Emma  D3   Lights
 C4   Heartland  D4   Home Of The Hit-Men
 C5   Floorshow  
 C6   Gimme Shelter