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Moni Lazariston Festival 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece

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After their very first concert at Chania Rock on the Greek island of in Crete in Summer 2022, The Sisters of Mercy played Moni Lazariston Festival in Thessaloniki, visiting the city for already the fourth time. Their show was scheduled for 9.30pm local time.

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Thanks to the lovely people @industrykills, a full show video of The Sisters of Mercy's performance can be found on YT and down below.

Moni Lazariston Festival 2022 - Web Slider (Greek)


The Sisters of Mercy - Giving Ground live Thessaloniki 2022


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The Sisters of Mercy - More live @Moni Lazariston 2022
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple Of Love live @Thessaloniki 2022

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Full Show Video

Enjoy !!!

The Sisters of Mercy live @Moni Lazariston Festival 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece - Full Show