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2022 Orion Arrival Area.jpg

Orion Club, Campino, Roma, Italy

The second part of The Sisters visit in Italy during the Spring Tour in 2022.

From 2006, it was a long break since they last played in Rome at Teatro Tendastrisce,

rescheduled from 15/09/20, 23/03/21 and 05/10/21

For further information, reviews and more please check here.

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  ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals

  ●  Ben Christo - guitars, backing vocals

  ●  Dylan Smith - guitars, backing vocals

  ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards

  ●  Ravey Davey - nurse to The Doktor

2022 Orion Arena.jpg


- with many thanks to iesus -

The Sisters of Mercy - Marian - Orion Club, Rome 27/04/22

The Sisters of Mercy - Temple Of Love - Orion Club, Rome 27/04/22

First Encore

Second Encore

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