Overbombing Tour 1993

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Superbang '93 - Large tour anncouncement banner displayed at the summer festivals - the concert in Saarbrücken was marked with an asterisk, as it was set to take place without The Sisters of Mercy.

The summer festivals in 1993 were followed by another tour in winter to promote the release

Overbombing Tour Announcement

of the Under The Gun single and the release of The Sisters' second singles-compilation

A Slight Case Of Overbombing - Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

The German leg of this tour was promoted as a festival event called "Superbang '93",

which included, apart from The Sisters of Mercy, The Ramones as a second headliner, as well as

Monster Magnet, Type-O-Negative and The Sisters' protégés La Costa Rasa as "special guests".

None of these bands did play all the venues, not even The Sisters. While The Ramones played a final

Superbang gig with Monster Magnet and Type-O-Negative on December 18th in Trier, Germany,

The Sisters of Mercy and La Costa Rasa were on their way to the UK leg of the Overbombing Tour.

Remarkably, at the beginning of the tour, Type-O-Negative were accused to be a fascist Nazi-band

and Eissporthalle Kassel were threatened with a bomb attack should they let Type-O-Negative perform

their set. Consequently, the band did not appear for this gig and passed on the concerts in Hamburg,

Essen and Halle as well.

La Costa Rasa, on the other hand, seem to have missed the gig on December 6th for unknown reasons.

In addition, they were not booked for the final gig of the tour at the Brimingham NEC. Special guests

on that bill were the then popular UK electronic rock band Curve.

Superbang '93 Tour Advertisement

Band / Line-up

As keyboardist and background singer Suzanna Josefowicz had left the band after the summer festivals,

she was replaced by Hermine Karo, also known as Hermine von Wiro. There is, however, hardly anything

known about Hermine Karo and she, too, left the band again after the tour.

On second guitars was - like during the summer festival gigs already - Adam Pearson.

Superbang '93 - Tourpass

Vision Thing guitarist Andreas Bruhn, on the other hand,

left The Sisters of Mercy after this tour to follow other perspectives.

  • Hermine Karo - backing vocals
  • Nurse to the Doktor - not known

Tour Schedule

Most concerts of this tour were recorded from the audience

Announcement poster for the UK gigs

and are in circulation among the fanbase. These are marked ***.

Audience video recordings of the gigs in Vienna (see Donau So Blau),

Essen and the London gigs (see Brixton 93) do exist as well.

Additional Pictures

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Our thanks for the first four shirt pictures go to ribbons69.

Blue Overbombing Tour Shirt 1993 (front)
Blue Overbombing Tour Shirt 1993 (back)
Overbombing Tour Shirt 1993
with Under The Gun video motive (front)
Overbombing Tour Shirt 1993
with Under The Gun video motive (back)
Superbang '93 shirt (front)
Superbang '93 shirt (back)
Official Reptile House Overbombing Tour Announcement Flyer

A Selection Of Bootlegs Derived From This Tour

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Come Together In Mercyland - Vienna, 02/12/1993 - CD & LP Cover (front)
Bremen 1993 - CD Cover (front)
- Audience Recording -
Cold And Dark December Night
- Essen 1993 - Audience CD Cover (front)
Dark Christmas In London - 21/12/1993 - CD Cover (front)
Donau So Blau - Vienna, 02/12/1993 - DVD Cover (front)
Brixton 1993 - London, 20th & 21st December 1993 - VHS Video Cover
Live 1993 At The Birmingham NEC Arena - 22/12/1993 - Cassette Inlay